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“So then, Old Lady,” Sakura taunted her teacher as she was preparing more ropes, “What’s next on your list? Because if THAT was the best you’ve got, then I think we’ll be done here pretty soon.” Tsunade gave Sakura a fascinated look. Sakura couldn’t quite figure out the glare in her eyes, whether it was one of interest or confidence. Either way, she really couldn’t care less. All that Sakura wanted was a chance to tie up her master.

“You know, Sakura, you really shouldn’t speak rudely your elders. Or your superiors for that matter.” Tsunade countered, whilst holding another large coil of rope in her hands. “And to answer your question, I’m going to see if you can get out of a REAL hogtie. If a novice like you can manage that, then I might actually try something serious on you.” There was quite a tension between the two, each one finding themselves superior to the other as their eyes held contact. “Alright then, let’s see how you like it.” Tsunade broke the tension with a bit of a grin. “Turn around and put your hands behind your back.” She ordered. Sakura obeyed and allowed Tsunade to begin.

Tsunade started the process the same as she always did; she grabbed up a generous helping of rope and tightly wove it around Sakura’s wrists. This time, she wrapped the rope around much much tighter than before. She made six full rotations around before stopping, then winding the rope between Sakura’s wrists for two rotations for extra security. Tsunade finished the tie off extremely tightly, pulling on the bonds with all of her might before knotting it off.

“Well, the rope is a ton tighter than it was before, I’ll give you that.” Sakura admitted as she experimented with the ropes, twisting her arms to and fro with a bit of struggling and grunting. Much to her surprise, she could not move her wrists whatsoever. She began to thrash, almost angrily, but once again, her elbows were the only things that would move whatsoever as she waved her arms up and down. “Grr!” She growled, “It’s not supposed to be like this!”  Sakura gulped a little bit, wondering what she had just gotten herself into, or if she really would be able to get out of even the very first tie! Calm down, Sakura! She thought to herself. You haven’t even used your chakra yet. Remember, that’s what does the trick!

“Getting second thoughts?” Tsunade grinned as she prepared more rope. “Nope!” Sakura responded with a simple shake of her head. “Well, if there’s one thing that you have plenty of, Sakura, it’s confidence.” Tsunade admired, “But we’ll see how long that lasts!” She smirked again as she moved onto the next phase of the tie.

“W-What are you doing?” Sakura almost shouted as she felt Tsunade grab her elbows. With a gentle yet powerful pull, Tsunade eased Sakura’s elbows together. An impressed grin appeared on her face as she watched the elbows make contact, without a single cry of pain from Sakura. “This, my naive pupil, is called an elbow-tie.” Tsunade said as she quickly tightened a loop of rope around Sakura’s connected elbows. As always, she proceeded to wind the rope around several times, trapping Sakura’s elbows closer and closer together before pulling it taught and knotting it. “And in my opinion it’s one of the strictest ties out there. See for yourself.” Tsunade invited the young girl to struggle.

Sakura struggled a little more in her new bindings, finding her arms almost completely immobile, a massive jump in tightness from before. This pose was also quite embarrassing, as it forced her shoulders and elbows closer in, it naturally forced Sakura to jut out her breasts in a very humiliating manner. She was unable to use her arms, and she was also exposing herself in her underwear! What a hopeless situation! Small beads of sweat began to appear on Sakura’s forehead as she came to the conclusion that escape was impossible without proper chakra use. “If I can’t learn to master the use of my chakra for unbinding, then I’ll be stuck here for an entire day!” She warned herself as Tsunade continued to bind her. “Ooh, another new one for you, extremely useful both in strict bondage, as well as embarrassment. To put it simply, it’s a tie composed of several ropes that wind both above and below your breasts and go around your back. When used here, it will trap your arms and keep them pressed down as it passes around your back. And the rope also slightly cuts into your skin on top and on bottom. It gives your breasts a bit more of a larger, perkier look to them.” Sakura allowed Tsunade to continue the demonstration, wrapping three or four winds of rope above her breasts and knotting it off behind her. She repeated the process beneath Sakura’s breasts, and when she was done, Sakura found that she was quite right! Her arms were now trapped against her back, preventing any vertical movement, and she felt even more conscious about the display of her breasts.

Sakura now began to struggle with all her might, tossing her body back and forth, only to find the ropes stayed secure! Her elbows never left contact with one another, or with her back! Sakura was now very nervous. Maybe she really wouldn’t be able to escape! Although she still hadn’t tried using her chakra yet. She wanted to wait until she was against the finished product. She wanted to show Tsunade that she was the best! But suddenly, without warning, Sakura’s legs were swept out from under her! Out of instinct she attempted to catch herself, but without the use of arms, she only flopped forward faster, landing painfully on her stomach. “Sorry about that, Sakura. I needed to get a good position on your legs!” Tsunade gave an obviously fake grin. Sakura was anything but convinced, but she did not complain as her teacher continued to bind her.

“This is another tie I don’t think you’re familiar with.” Tsunade explained as she knelt down, fresh rope in hand. “This is a knee-tie. It’s most often used in conjunction with other leg ties, such as an ankle-tie, calf-tie, or thigh-tie. For maximum security, however, I will be using ALL of them on you.” Tsunade grabbed a healthy bundle of ropes from the bag and began.

Of course starting with her knees, Tsunade thoroughly wound a coil of ropes just beneath Sakura’s knees and after about five turns of rope, knotted it off and wound another coil just above her knees. This pushed her knees together and kept them that way tightly, forcing Sakura’s legs to stay in a straight line and keeping them from bending to the side. “And, as I mentioned before, the knee-tie is rendered incomplete without the aid of the rest of the legs being bound.” Tsunade pointed out as she moved to Sakura’s ankles. She commenced in binding them identically to the way Sakura’s wrists were bound. She tightly wrapped a coil of rope around just barely above her ankles. After about six turns around, Tsunade pulled it as tight as she could and knotted it off. “Feeling a little helpless yet?” She bragged as she noticed a hint of nervousness coming from Sakura. Sakura did not answer this, only stood still as a stone as she allowed her teacher to continue. Tsunade continued her tying spree by moving up to Sakura’s calves, or mid-legs. She wound a piece of rope around her calves extremely tightly, pressing deeply into Sakura’s skin with each turnaround. As Sakura felt Tsunade knot off her calves, she could feel where the ropes were tightly cutting into her legs. “And to finish tying your legs, the thigh-tie is the cherry on top. It constricts all other movement taking place besides vertical, and forces one’s legs to stay tightly together in a line. Makes it nice and easy to keep overconfident little girls still.” Tsunade proclaimed almost scoldingly as she grabbed a bit more rope and began tying Sakura’s thighs just beneath her pantyline. Sakura felt her legs press tighter and tighter together with every pass of the bindings. In just a matter of moments her thighs were encased in rope, and her teacher was right! The strategic placement of her bindings constricted her in every imaginable place! Her legs would not come apart at any point!

“Gah! Did you have to knot it so tightly?!” Sakura complained as she attempted to move. But, she couldn’t feel significant movement in any part of her body! Her elbows and wrists were trapped tightly against her back, completely useless. She had been tied at every major area on her leg region, she felt a tight bundle of ropes trapping her legs maybe every six inches all the way from her thighs to her ankles! In a fit of frustration she began to thrash madly, twisting and turning in her binds, but never for a moment did her arms or legs lose contact. “This is such a massive difference from how you tied me before!” Sakura complained.

“Well, you’re the one who asked for something on a high level of difficulty.” Tsunade pointed out with a bit of arrogance in her voice, but she was right. It was Sakura’s own fault. “But who are you to complain? Remember? I said I was going to show you the ropes for a real hogtie.” Tsunade said as she approached Sakura with a last piece of rope. Without a word, she firmly wove a knot attaching a short piece of rope to Sakura’s wrists. A slight whimpering could be heard coming from Sakura as the rope was pulled as far back as Tsunade could manage. Then, after bending Sakura’s legs into a folded position, the other end of the rope was securely fastened to the young ninja’s ankles, placing her into a remarkably strict hogtie.

Sakura let out a loud a groan through a closed mouth. This was much more than she anticipated it would be at first! It was because that Tsunade had tied her so loosely at the very start! “Well, I guess there’s no time to lose…” Sakura said to herself. She closed her eyes and began experimenting with her bonds. Trying to find looser areas or points on her body closer to knots that were easier for her chakra to reach. Anything would do, really.

“I’ll give you an hour or two to get out of this one. If you can get out of at least the majority of it, then you pass this lesson.” Tsunade explained to Sakura as she re-opened the doors to the barn, allowing a refreshing breeze to fill the stuffy barn. “B-But, where are you going?!” Sakura sputtered suddenly. “You can’t LEAVE me here!”

“Wait a minute, you’re right!” Tsunade admitted, receiving a huge sigh of relief from Sakura. “I can’t leave you tied up all by yourself! Well, at least while I’m not finished yet! Thanks so much for reminding me of one of the most important parts!” Tsunade grinned as she re-approached her seemingly bottomless duffel bag.

Sakura was turned on her side, hogtied facing the opposite direction of the bag. “What are you doing?” Sakura whimpered as she heard the sound of rummaging through the bag. She heard the sound of Tsunade’s feet stepping and bending down behind her head. “I told you, Sakura!” Tsunade laughed, “The most important part!”

Before Sakura could respond, she felt a thick sponge shove itself back behind her teeth, filling her mouth and forcing her cheeks to a bulge. “HMMMPH?! SMMMMHHH!”  Sakura panicked and began writhing furiously on the ground, wobbling to and fro in a cute wiggling pattern. “Calm down, Sakura. It’s just a gag.” She heard Tsunade try to calm her. “In time, I think you’ll learn to love them!” She added as Sakura felt her teacher continue. “MMmm!” Sakura protested in a light squeal as a ragged cloth was pulled tightly between her teeth, holding the wadded up sponge inside. A second, smoother cloth was pulled snugly over her cleave-gag, ensuring her silence. “Mmmmph! Hmmm! Mmm!” She continued to complain as she heard Tsunade slowly stand up.

“That’ll do for now, I suppose.” Tsunade said with a giggle as she ‘accidentally’ pulled Sakura’s headband down over her eyes, blocking out her vision as well. “As for me, I’m not sure what I’ll do while the timer’s going down. Maybe go on a walk? Who knows? I’ll be back in a few hours! Bye-Bye!” Tsunade quickly stepped outside and slammed the doors shut, leaving Sakura to struggle in her bonds, making muffled shrieks at her even as she walked away. But Tsunade continued to stroll through the fields towards the woods, completely ignoring her helpless pupil. She distracted herself by going ahead and planning out what she’d do to pass the time.

“Well, I think I’ll take a quick walk back to Konoha, grab a few things to drink since we didn’t pick up any provisions beforehand, and head back. If I take my time, that should take about two hours to get done. Then I’ll be back just in time to teach my little Sakura a lesson in bondage for twenty-four sweet hours.” She laughed to herself as she stepped from the meadow and back into the thick forest.

Tsunade had been walking only for a minute, probably less, when she noticed a strange, but familiar presence. A six sense she had had throughout her entire life. Somebody was watching her, probably waiting for her. Naturally, Tsunade stood stock still. “I’ve seen this little trick a dozen times before.” She snickered as she recalled her attacker’s obvious plan. It had to be the most predictable maneuver of them all! “They’re waiting for me to walk into some kind of trap that they have laid.” Tsunade whispered to herself, being quite familiar with situations such as this. “I’m more than likely dealing with novices here. So if I can just stand here long enough, they’ll lose their patience and go ahead and attack. Then I suppose I’ll show them what happened to the last people who tried to attack me.” Tsunade folded her arms and waited for the fool to make their first, and last mistake.


Sakura continued to wiggle helplessly in her bonds. Letting out frequent garbled grunts and moans as she strained against the tight ropes. ‘Okay,’ she thought to herself, ‘Time to try chakra, since obviously just pulling isn’t working.’ Sakura closed her eyes tightly despite the blindfold. It was a habit of hers when she was trying to concentrate. And it was extremely difficult to do so in the state she was in, with her elbows pulled behind her back and her arms grabbing at her feet. Not to mention the three cloths being used to gag her. And her being in her light pink underwear simply added to that factor!

After gaining focus, she allowed her chakra to slowly seep out of her wrists, attempting to get to the knots to untie them as Tsunade showed her. As her first self-taught lesson, Sakura found it more than difficult to simply force the chakra through the rope. She concentrated and pushed the chakra as hard as she could, with all of her physical and mental force, but it seemed to gain only slight momentum, barely crawling up the rope before being absorbed back into her body. ‘What’s going on?!’ Sakura almost shouted it into her gag as well. She continued to push her chakra into the ropes, now even harder than before! But to no avail. The room now began to grow quite warm again. Sweat began to run down her back and beads began to form on her forehead, but Sakura refused to surrender! She WOULD get to tie someone up today!

Sakura had been pushing at it for at least an hour, and was now an exhausted mess. Her hair was beginning to get frizzled from her constant shouting and shaking her head in rage. “Hmmmhmmm…” Sakura whined sadly into the sponge that was wedged into her mouth. ‘What am I doing wrong?!’ Sakura thought in anger, also shouting the words, garbling them within the confines of her gag. ‘What is it that I’m forgetting?!’ Sakura began to think back to her lessons at the academy. The very basics of chakra. What was she forgetting about it!? Sakura pondered this for a long while. ‘What does chakra do? What is it?’ She asked herself, now much calmer. ‘There are different types and elements of chakra. Everyone has different chakra levels be it miniscule or demon-like. It molds all of our nin and gen jutsus. It flows through everyone’s bodies.’ She stopped for a second, thinking over what she just said. ‘It FLOWS! Chakra circulates through the body on designed courses! Tsunade tied the ropes in a position where my chakra would have to flow against its own current to reach the knot! That’s why it’s continuously pulled back in!’ Sakura decided that she would try again, only from a different part of her body.

Reminding herself of the charts of chakra flow in class, Sakura decided on releasing the chakra through her back. This was an area close to many of the knots, and also in perfect flow with her chakra. She closed her eyes once again, now re-motivated to escape. Sure enough, with a little bit of strain, Sakura felt her chakra gradually seep out of her body. It coolly crawled up the rope and poured over the knots. “GMM PHM!!” Sakura shouted in  victory as she began to slowly use her chakra to pluck the strings apart, gradually untying the knots. Sure enough, after about two minutes, Sakura felt the ropes unwind and fall from around her breasts. She took a deep breath in utter relief from the strain, and also as a feeling of pride swept over her.

With the ropes tying her shoulders and elbows against her back now gone, Sakura found it much easier to move her chakra in that region. ‘I guess that the ropes, when applied in the right places, can have a similar effect to jyuuken. I bet that by altering the shape and position of your body, it shifts the positions of your chakra outlets!’ All too excited to be on her way to freedom, and feeling extremely proud of herself for her discovery, she next sent a line of chakra growing from her shoulders, gaining a bit of a boost from the fresh flow of her chakra. It too, crawled up, inching a bit a time around the winding trail of ropes encasing Sakura’s elbows and trapping them there painfully. In a matter of minutes, her elbows too came undone. She practically began to cry from the release of that strain. She was beginning to feel extremely sore, stuck in that position for about an hour and a half. It felt so good to be able to relax her chest area once again!

Sakura continued this sluggish process, first unbinding her knees, thighs and calves. At that point she was placed in a simple hogtie. Nothing more than what she had been tied in the first time! It seemed like hours of anticipation, but it really was only moments. Sakura quickly sent a fresh wave of chakra down her legs to her ankles and simultaneously up to her wrists and unwound the bindings. She let her exhausted legs fall to the ground as her arms flopped sorely to her side. She didn’t even bother taking her gag out she was so happy! She simply laid there on the dirt floor, resting desperately. After untying her blindfold and gag, and coughing out her packing, Sakura laid out spreadeagle across the ground, stretching desperately. After shutting her eyes, and resting for a few minutes, she took a look at the sun through a large hole that had been worn into the roof, only barred by a single wooden beam.

“Well, it’s about nine in the morning, so it’s been about two and a half hours since I started! Technically, I failed, but I won’t tell Tsunade that!” Sakura smiled at her lucky break. She looked around the room to make sure she wasn’t hiding somewhere. “Where is she?” Sakura said to herself. She quickly ran to the nearest pile of hay and began digging through it. Nope, no Tsunade there! After a few minutes of searching she stopped imagined how ridiculous she must have looked! A small teenage girl, standing in a deserted barn. She is covered in red marks and surrounded by ropes and cloths, whilst searching through bales of hay while wearing nothing but I matching pink bra and panties!

“Where is she?!” Sakura stamped angrily. “It’s not like her to be late!” She was angered by this, even if it did save her from losing her bet. However, near the very instant the words left her mouth, the door quickly flung open. Sakura was forced to raise her hand over her eyes to guard from the sudden burst of light. In strolled Tsunade, dragging a small cooler inside behind her. “Sorry I’m late my foolish pupil! I got a little caught up with some business in the fore-” Her eyes landed on the ropes and cloths and a loud choke escaped from her mouth. “A-Amazing!” Was all that escaped her mouth. She took a minute to recompose herself.

“Well, Sakura, how was it?” Tsunade resumed, in a now returned friendly voice. “How did I LIKE it?!?!” Sakura erupted. “That was-was-was-!” She shouted as loud as possible. “That was the most fun I’ve had in my life! I LOVED it!” Sakura was grinning excitedly, but Tsunade seemed to be grinning much wider. They both were going to have a good time today.

“Well then, my bondage-loving genius, you know what this means, right?” Tsunade hinted as she opened the cooler and tossed Sakura a large bottle of water. Sakura quickly downed the entire bottle, refreshing her tongue, which had been dried out by the gag. “I sure do!” She chimed in excitement. “But that last one was simple.” Sakura bragged. “Gimme something harder!” She challenged Tsunade as they both met eye contact

“Okay then, you asked for it.” Tsunade said deviously whilst looking at a small sheet of paper. She took a moment, then stuffed it back into her pocket. “Lift your hand above your head, Sakura.” Tsunade ordered. The young kunoichi complied with a wide grin and a shudder of excitement.

Well, this was the second chapter! I haven’t revised it all that much, so plz gimme a break if you come across any grammar errors or typos. And it didn’t help with how long this chapter was! Lol

But once again, I IMPLORE you to leave comments giving suggestions, complements, critiques, or guesses on the storyline. The last one getting special emphasis. I already have it planned out, but I want to see what YOU GUYS are thinking! Thx!
Well, in my opinion, way too long and I spent a little bit to long in the process of the tying, but I wanted it to seem like a more instructional kind of process. Like actual training in the subject would be like!

So, PLEASE leave comments, suggestions, requests, ideas, and cash donations below! plzty!
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Narutofan32113 Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013
Have tsunade ask naruto to transform into sasuke and "check up on sakura a bondage training" note:does not have to be naruto other good ideas include kakashi,ino,lee,neji.
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This is a story that i loved the first time i read it and i enjoy reading it the second time as well. Thats rare for me btw. haha. I hope you make more Naruto storys soon. :)
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Sakura just wants more and more does'ent she?
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indeed she does! Although she's beginning to regret it more and more as it gets harder and harder.
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There is no happy ending... only Death!
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I actually liked the specifics of the bondage, painted a more vivid picture and added to the quality of the story. You are trying to play Tsunade up as someone who knows the ins and outs of ropework, so it fit. Likewise I didn't find it too long, that was a good length for a chapter.

So...plot pondering. I can't help but wonder if Tsunade is in fact Tsunade, because you didn't give us closure on the presence that was waiting for her. She probably could have dealt with it, being Tsunade and all, but maybe Ino found out about the specifics of their training and used that fancy mind control jutsu on the Sannin. Would make for an interesting twist.

I wouldn't mind an echo of your earlier fic and see Ino and Sakura get tied together at one point. It would be amusing because you can pull off more embarrassing ties with them if they both start off unbound whereas last time they were both already in hogties by the time they were tied together. You could do something like a front to front with arms behind each others backs style tie, for example.

Oh, wishful thinking, what would I do without you?

Awaiting your next chapter.
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hmm, nifty little story.
is tsunade really trying to teach skaura, or is she just messing with her?
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Actually, she really is trying to teach her! But I plan on having a few more chapters, then revealing a TINY bit more to the plot. :D
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