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Catharsis: Part One

The ropes smelled good, far better than they deserved to as the lid of the box cracked open. Their salty musk filled Korra’s room in an instant, flooding her lungs with the scent of the Air Temple docks.
Crouched atop her unkempt bed, Korra stared breathlessly down at the overflowing container in her lap. The longer she looked, the more her face contorted, a nervous pressure digging at her as she found herself questioning whether or not to proceed.

The box’s bundled contents almost seemed to greet her in response: masses of disorganized rope, knotted and twisted into a poorly contorted wave. The moment seemed to linger as Korra’s eyes trawled along the battered ropes. They were still unchanged from when she’d first shoved them in, weeks ago- right after she’d stolen them from the docks.
She’d taken them that night confused by her own desires, only knowing that her mind craved for the release the ropes offered. Ultimately, the girl ended up shoving her… unnatural cravings beneath her bed, too scared to use them. She’d had to depart from Republic City soon after, for a months-long campaign to rebuild the Earth Kingdom, and left her box of unfulfilled desires behind.
Not a single night passed on that journey where Korra did not ache over that decision, where she did not long for box beneath her bed, yearn to feel something coil tight around her and rob her of all the unwanted responsibility. Now though, at long last, she had returned to Republic City, and the box had been waiting.

Hesitant, Korra finally dipped her fingers past the edge of the lid, and teased across the coils within. A slight tremble met her spine as the rough loops greeted her fingertips in rugged handshake, briny and bristled. They were seasoned with use, bearing a strange security in their texture that Korra couldn’t hope to explain. Her chest tightened as she imagined their embrace, all the many ways they could hold her.

“Uugh, what is this?!” Korra’s groan shattered the silence as she retracted her hand and flung it against her face. The box still sat weightily in her lap, persistent as Korra fell backwards and let her head smash into the pillow behind. She slung her arms up over her eyes, insides boiling. A loud groan pulsated from the conflicted girl’s throat as she laid there on her soft blue bed, eyes hoveled into the dark crook of her arm. Inside her head her thoughts teamed like a hive of hornet-ants, furious and perplexed.
“Am I sick or something?” Korra questioned aloud, tossing her arms up to gesture at the ceiling. Her eyes locked angrily against the dim bulb burning overhead, the pout plain on her lips as she pondered. Her thoughts tumbled back to the countless times she’d been tied up in her adventures- never once did it give her any kind of sensual thrill. Now though, finally in the privacy of her own home, she suddenly wanted nothing more than to feel ropes consume her, and liberate her of her freedom .

Gradually, the swarm in Korra’s head settled as her thoughts recentered upon the dull weight still sitting upon her lap, the hefty box constantly reminding her of its purpose. The rugged ropes still beckoned to her with their scent of security, the tingle of their touch still fresh on her fingertips. With a groan the girl sat up in her bed, eyes leveling hard down into the box as she seemed to judge its contents one last time. She hadn’t the slightest idea how she was meant to proceed, but she knew that for whatever reason, her body wanted it to happen.

“Alright, fine, okay? You win.” Korra conceded, slackening her shoulders as she draped her arms around the box’s edge. The hesitant girl pulled herself cross-legged upon her sheets and cradled the heavy box warmly up against her front. As the package nestled in tight against her, Korra lowered a finger, and warned the ropes within.
“You get one try.”

After loosing the threat, the girl spun hesitantly around, and scanned her bedroom one last time. Her gaze fell over the tan squarish walls and the homely wooden furniture, as if they might somehow be hiding prying eyes. Her paranoia faded only slightly as she confirmed her solitude within her apartment. Her door was locked tight, and the window behind her was curtained off, the cool glow of dusk just barely seeping through its fabric. Even the wooden figurines on her nightstand had all been turned to face the wall, averting their gaze from the bed. The girl had no regrets.

After a moment’s further preparation, Korra gripped the nervous tremble in her stomach, one she’d previously only associated with the thrill of a first date, and urged it to a thrillful stillness. Slowly, she lowered her hands back into the depths of the box, and grabbed two thick fistfuls of the pooled, rugged rope. Its wiry grip laced between her fingers like cotton as she pulled a wadded heap out, and let the rich oily smell intensify through the room.

“Am I really doing this?” The girl swallowed the baseball in her throat, pulling the threads taut between her hands. She found herself savoring the web-like mesh as it collapsed around her fingers, bubbling her skin into tight little compartments.
“...Yeah.” Korra breathed, a slight smile playing upon her lips as she wound an experimental pass around her wrist and let it hug tight. Its clench was heavenly- rough, but secure. Its bristles played against her skin, a brush-like consistency that might have brought instant irritation to a daintier person, but Korra was no stranger to physical trauma. For now, the bristles felt nice as they passed again and again around her wrist, a gripping column that coiled up to the edge of her forearm.

Korra found herself savoring the rope’s expanding grip, clumsy as her application may have been. She had little care invested in keeping the ropes orderly in their paths, only wanted to experience their grasp tighter and tighter, and she quickly found herself out of room to further bind her wrist. She paused, staring at the small sleeve curiously, free ends of the rope still in her other hand as she realized she had no clue how finish the bind. She had seen plenty of knots tied in her travels, but they were for sealing rucksacks and the like. This scenario was… different. She knew it required a touch more precision, but found her thoughts running dry.

“I know there’s some kind of trick to this...” Korra deadpanned to the empty room, silently cursing herself for not paying more attention when she’d been bound in the past.

The girl spent a long, quiet moment thinking to herself, twirling the two loose ends between her fingers before an idea finally settled. As she twisted the two lines together, her mental image of them started to shift, their motion sending her thoughts back to her earliest bending lessons: merging streams of water together. Her eyes lit up at the thought.
Carefully the young bender threw her attention back to her bindings, picturing the way she might tug at a stream with her waterbending forms, how she might loop and curl its multiple sources to merge into something greater. As she pictured the forms, she found her hands floating along, carrying the ropes through a complex series of loops and twists, until eventually the two strands stood solidly merged into one. The end result appeared to be anything but elegant, a tower-like structure that jutted off from her wrist-cuff and spat out a twisting fusion of rope, but it had gotten the job done. Korra smiled as she tossed her wrist to and fro, feeling the squeeze of the ropes follow her movement as the leftover tail sloshed about.

“Heh. Not bad.” She muttered as she pulled her bound wrist close to her chest, cradling it in her unbound arm. Something about the rough, persistent squeeze of the cuff was just intoxicating. She found herself in immediate desire of more, a core piece of her awareness lost to the excitement. The girl quickly dumped the rest of her box out onto the bed, coating the spread in a tumbling layer of thick brown coils. The ropes spilled over into her lap, offering themselves happily as Korra snatched the closest one and began repeating her motions upon her other wrist.

The girl sank into the exercise, each tightening pass of the line a sort of rhythmic hypnosis. In hardly any time at all, Korra had affixed four threaded cuffs around all her wrists and ankles, small trails leading from each and running off the edge of the bed. They clung to her limbs with a savory weight, a tight pressure she couldn’t hope to ignore- and frankly didn’t want to. Constant tingles played across her skin as she looked down and admired her ropework; it was hasty, jagged, some might even say barbaric, but it was solid to be sure, and with that the girl was well pleased.

Korra shot a glance over to the clock, jaw dropping to see that almost half an hour had passed into the night.
“Geez.” The girl muttered, some part of her saddened that she had already used up such a chunk of her ever-scarce free time. The rest of her though, was perfectly content to finally be addressing this baffling need. She was still no closer to understanding it, but that worry was eclipsed by sheer enjoyment as Korra threw herself back in a sprawl atop her sheets. She shut her eyes, feeling the constant bite of the loops upon her wrists, and spread her limbs wide to the corners of her mattress. Almost immediately an imaginary world sucked her in. Her mind quickly filled in the blackness, replacing her cool apartment air with the chill of a foreign bed, and the loose ropes hanging from her cuffs with taut platinum chains.

Suddenly, she found herself trapped, hopelessly affixed, spread wide upon a stranger’s bed. Korra flexed her arms tight, finding them stiff, drawn helpless above her head. She pulled at her legs, and found them similarly locked, her toes wriggling in concert with the sensation. She felt paralyzed, but thrilled, heart pounding as she awaited the arrival of her captor. When no sultry footsteps were heard, she returned to testing the unyielding restraints that bound her.

Korra grunted as she twisted lithely atop the bed, her wrists and ankles refusing to move from their spots. They could not be commanded to budge, set like concrete. They repelled the very idea that the bindings were imaginary; it was as if some secret part of Korra had hijacked control, leaving her thoughts untouched, but her body consumed, her muscles themselves insisting that she was shackled down tight.
A sudden shudder coursed through Korra, an involuntary smile breaching her lips. Confused, but happy, the girl’s thoughts stirred in her head like wind-whipped clouds as she fought to escape her bonds. Every direction she pulled and heaved was met with stubborn response, time and again, until exhaustion claimed her every inch, and she lay panting for breath. Perhaps it was Korra’s own eagerness to believe, her sheer desire for the moment to be real, but she found her hunger deepening there in the sheets. Her limbs were heavy, but her chest was airy and light. She had no jobs or options, none but to lie in comfortable captivity. She had no rigid meetings to attend, or bureaucrats to appease. She was alone with the weight of her bonds, gasping into the darkness, awaiting unsolicited touch of her envisioned captor.

Korra’s eyes sprang wide as she flew up out of her outspread pose, sweat dripping from her forehead, a mischievous smirk burgeoning upon her lips. Her hands flung free of their self-imposed placements, the loose rope tails curling about the sheets as her fingers flew to the buttons of her shirt. The girl made quick work of her garment, snapping the buttons clean down her front before shimmying the fabric free from her shoulders. She made similar work of her pants, scraping the cloth from her legs as she threw them clean past her ankles. A few well-timed kicks thrusted the fabric over the notch of ropes at her feet, and Korra sighed as she fell back on the bed, the majority of her skin again free to kiss the air and feel the plush touch of the cushion. Then, with that same rabid smirk, she clasped at the thin blue cloths coating her forearms, and yanked them free. She gripped the two long strips in either hand, her eyes brimming.
She knew what the moment had been missing.

Eager to return to her fantasy world, Korra took the first strip, stretched it taut in a long line, and tucked it snug between her lips. She wrapped the loose ends around the back of her head, the soft fabric digging into her cheeks, denting them in upon her blossoming lips as she pulled the cleave tight at the back of her head. Korra hummed, her lips and tongue playing against the asserting edge of the cloth as it impeded her mouth. She paused after a moment though. Something didn’t feel right.

“...Did I do shomething wrong?” Korra’s eyes skewed as she complained through the cleave gag, her annoyed voice easily breaking past the small strip of cloth.
Korra sat there for a moment, baffled as to why the gag had done so little to silence her. She had expected it to be like the movies, where a single tuck of ribbon between her lips rendered her speech incomprehensible, but this was more like speaking while wiping her chin with a napkin. Still, the girl found the bite of the ribbon savory between her lips, its steady pressure upon her cheeks an odd but delightful sensation. Ineffectual as the gag may have been, that tightened sensation alone would be enough to convince her imagination of its efficacy. Just like her anchorless rope-cuffs, Korra was embroiled in a performance of fantasy.

Korra was content with her facsimile though, and found her body wriggling with excitement as she raised the second strip of cloth and pulled it tight over her eyes. This time, the equipment worked as intended, pressing a smooth grip over her eyelids as she yanked the knot into place, sealing her into a world of darkness. Suddenly, everything seemed to drift away, save for the bite of the ropes upon her limbs, and the pull of the cloth between her teeth. Korra fell back, certain she had reached nirvana. She was trapped in a perfect chamber of nightfall, free to fully savor the rough coils as they stilled her struggles, her skin standing exposed to the open untrusted air, her senses sealed away unable to protest. It was a pure and complete removal of the world’s indignant weight.

Finding comfort in the cushions, Korra’s limbs crawled hungrily back to their outstretched positions, and locked back into place at the corners of the bed. Her blindness aided her headlong tumble back into fantasy as the bindings galvanized tight around her. She found her wrists and ankles once again unwilling to budge, but her awareness dreadfully heightened by the swaths of exposed skin left open to the grasp of the air. She found a few feeble hums warbling in the back of her throat, suppressed by the gag as she loosed confused replies out into the room. She slipped more fully into the dream than planned, a new completeness to her vivid illusion that she hadn’t fathomed would arise. She found herself awakened in a blank new world, amnesiac to her weeks of anxious preparation. She had emerged heart pounding into a stilled, gagged captivity unlike any other in her life. Real as it felt, she could somehow sense it was dangerless, as if every ounce of fear she should have felt was replaced by a deep, churning thrill. She was charged, trembling, panting atop her sheets, her every struggle quelled.  Spread, silenced, and utterly alone, Korra was left only with her fuzzy thoughts to try and piece together what may have happened, why she was bound in such a way, and who her captor might be.

The story that unfolded within Korra’s dream was an hours-long affair, animating the darkest crevices of her cravings. Like dredging her hand through the bottom of a lake, Korra’s  world bloomed with unexpected new shapes, took on a life of its own, and carried her along as slave to her own subconscience. People, places, positions which Korra had only imagined vague shadows of sprang to life fully formed upon her, a sudden realness to their grip that she hadn’t fully prepared for. At some point amidst the blind, vigorous fantasy, Korra drifted off to sleep, but the images and sensations continued. They became unshackled, more vivid, and perfectly detailed as the young woman found herself contorted and bent, held helpless in every way she dared to imagine. It was not until the light of dawn cracked through Korra’s curtains that she awoke shaking, short of breath into the real world once more.

** ** ** ** **

Twisted between her heavy sheets, Korra emerged slowly back into the haze of reality. Sleepily she rolled over to face the light, grimacing as she felt the tug of the blindfold against her hair. It had slipped loose some time in the night, and now sprawled diagonal over her face. An involuntary thrust of her arm slipped the soft blue cloth off from its already skewed position, the girl wincing at the somewhat tender skin it left beneath. She slowly curled herself up towards a sitting position, a slight groan of morning grogginess caught in her throat. Her senses awakened more sharply with the sound, feeling the bite of the gag cloth still between her lips, and the snug ropes still clinging tight against her limbs. Something about awakening to those sensations sent a rivulet of bliss down Korra’s back, a limp grin on her face as she reached back to unfasten the gag, and struggled to parse the dream from reality. A split second of sleep-fogged thought seemed to insist to Korra that her night of writhing pleasures had been every bit as real as the deep red rope-marks now chewing upon her skin, but after a minute or so of foggy recollection, the girl’s thoughts started to reorganize. A melting relaxation poured through Korra’s body as she finally unfastened the gag and thudded her back against the wall, mind pouring over the night’s events.

“Wow.” The girl panted wide-eyed towards the ceiling, thoughts brightly abuzz, hair splayed wildly over her face. Her whole body felt numb in recollection, images still flashing before her eyes as an intrusive soreness started to crawl up her awakening body. Still slightly dazed, Korra flinched and lowered her attention downwards, eyes settling on her throbbing rope-ringed wrists.

An uneasy smile squiggled through Korra’s lips as her eyes drank in the visual that met her. Tan as the girl’s complexion was, it did nothing to hide the scorched pink trenches that now laced her wrists where the rope had spent the night with her skin. Her wrists throbbed, the skin raw and parched, but strangely satisfied. Korra struggled to peel apart the monstrous knots she’d formed, the oily ropes clinging tight to one another as she dug her teeth into a loop and finally wrestled it free. The first knot pried apart, and leisurely the girl unwound the spool of wiry line from her wrist.

Pools of relief flooded down Korra’s back as the press of the rope lifted from her skin, the cool air mixing with a stinging pain she had not realized was even there. She squirmed a bit as the full cuff unwound, releasing her skin from its vicious grasp and letting the deep-pressed rings melt with relief.

“Unf. Well... looks like I’m wearing long sleeves today.” Korra winced through a stunted laugh, surprised at her own chipper tone. She had never considered herself to be a morning person in any regard, but after that night, she now found herself awoken endlessly refreshed. She began working on her other wrist, picking apart the bindings as she savored the new fantasies she’d uncovered, trying to piece together the small details she’d lost to the haze of the dream. After a few minutes’ work, Korra’s four limbs were free once more, and she was hopping out of bed.

As Korra moved to dress herself, she marveled at the freshness her limbs seemed to bear. Throbbing marks aside, she felt… clean. As if she’d just stepped out of a six-hour long body massage. She felt limber, as if every ounce of pressure had been squeezed right out of her.

The girl was quick to pick an outfit for her oncoming big day, ensuring it had all the right pieces to keep the deep red lines in her skin hidden. She settled on a long, draping shirt, dark colors that hugged her frame nicely, but hung long below her waist and arms with heavy fabric. The cuts around the chest ran a little steeper than she typically wore, the extra cleavage noticeable, but she figured that just this once it wouldn’t be a bad thing to draw people’s eyes elsewhere. She dusted off an old but nice pair of pants to accompany the shirt, their rich blue hues nothing unnatural.
As Korra assembled herself in the mirror, she found herself still marveling at how freshly her body seemed to move; even the bags under her eyes had vanished. She felt absolutely pristine, save for the raw sensations upon her wrists where the ropes had claimed her through the night... but somehow Korra found herself subtly enjoying the spikes of pain. Like a bookmark in her fantasy, they were throbbing reminders of where she’d left off... and where she might soon continue from.

“Almost wish my weekend wasn’t booked.” Korra hummed, giving herself a once-over in the mirror and admiring her efficient outfit, before her eyes drifted back to the ropes behind her. They drooped across her bedframe, as if inviting her back for more. The girl sighed, eyes returning back to her face as she noticed the thin stretch of red sprawled across her cheeks where the gag had sat tight all night.

“Ugh. See what you did?” The girl moaned as she slung open the drawer beneath her mirror and grabbed a small pad of unopened makeup from its deepest recesses. It took her a moment to figure out the foreign mechanism, but at last she found the clasp hidden amongst the useless decorative casing, and popped the package open. A warm, brownish powder greeted her alongside a thin golden brush, the makeup’s tone indistinguishable from her bronzed skin. An ironic grin lifted upon the girl’s lips as she grabbed the brush with a shake of her head.

“Looks like you were right after all, Asami.” Korra sighed, dunking the brush into the powdered mix. She hesitated for a moment, stilled by the ladylike motion in the mirror. It felt unnatural, but the loud gag-lines in her cheeks blared out as even moreso. Her eyes fixated upon them, those deep lines, the marrings of a girl too manic to control her own unnatural desires. It all seemed to sink in upon her at that instant, the reality of how she’d just spent her night.

“...What are you doing to yourself?” Korra’s chest fluttered as she draped a finger over the outstretched markings, consumed by her own reflection. In the past, she had found herself a stranger in many foreign lands, but never before had she felt like such a freak. This wasn’t normal.

After a dwindling moment Korra tossed her head with a cleansing breath, shaking herself loose of the tainted feelings. She didn’t have time to deal with them. Sweeping the thoughts aside, Korra angled her face closer to the mirror, and brought the brush to bear along the deep red marks, covering them with the elegant powder. With unpracticed motions she stroked, taking about twice as long as any normal girl would, but eventually she had a passable mask hiding the deep red trenches in her cheeks. She nodded to herself solidly, taking in an empowered breath.

“Hey- if Avatar Kyoshi could be a badass in makeup, you can too.” Korra encouraged her reflection, snapping the makeup case forcefully shut.
“You’ve got a date to look good for.”

** ** ** ** **

The sound of the Sato family doorbell came as an enticing relief upon Korra’s ears. The deep chipper tones were delightfully familiar, already making her feel welcome. Korra stood at the massive door, bundled up tight against the cold winter weather, a shawl drawn over the shoulders of her carefully assembled outfit. Her unusually pristine face bore a subtle smile to it as she waited. She was strangely nervous, eager even, to see Asami again after all this time. Their vacation in the Spirit World had stitched them closer together than ever, and being immediately pulled apart upon their return left the threads aching. Now Korra could feel it in her chest, the fibers thrumming like dragonbutterflies, resonating so close to her partner. Her eyes shot upwards at the creak of the door, and dimmed slightly upon the mustached face of the butler.

“Madame Avatar.” He bowed.

“It’s Korra, please.” Korra responded instantly, a light smile to her tone as if she had advised him a hundred times previous. “You’ve been cleaning up my messes for years now, Giles. You can toss out the formalities.”

“Very well, Madame Korra.” Giles bowed a second time, ushering her in through the door.

“…We’ll work on it.” Korra replied, giving the red-suited man a hard pat on the shoulder as she stepped into the warm interior of the mansion. As soon as Korra felt the heat wash over her, she tilted her hand up to the smothering shawl upon her shoulders, and unclipped its fastening. The garment snapped quietly, and with a flick of her wrist fell flat to the marble floor.
Korra smiled as Giles’ hands moved faster than any bender she’d ever seen, whizzing by her and snatching the garment before both ends had even touched ground. The elderly man was already folding the shawl neatly back upon the coatrack by the time Korra turned to tease him.
“Still sharp.” Korra needled, rolling her arms a bit.

“I always must be on the days you visit, Madame.” Giles returned primly, dusting a foreign hair clean of the girl’s garment. “You are the reason we have fire drills now.”

“It’s good to see you too.” She simpered in return, tossing a thumb towards the hall set into the back of the cavernous receiving room. “Same as usual?” She questioned, pairing in the motion of her fingers, “Up the stairs, left, right, left, down the stairs, left?”

“I believe you are forgetting the bookcase with the trap door- but yes madame, that should lead you to Ms. Sato’s chambers.” Giles rasped with a proper nod as the girl had already turned to exit. His voice called swiftly after her.  “-Although I do believe Ms. Sato is still finishing up a meeting in East Wing. I was told to inform you that she will be arriving post-haste, and that you should make yourself at home.”

“You and I both know I’ve never had trouble with that.” Korra tossed a wave over her shoulder, and set her attention towards navigating the halls of the elegant Sato estate.
Despite having been here hundreds of times previous, the girl could swear the halls rearranged themselves at night. In reality, it was the ever-shifting decorations that made the place seem so impossible to navigate, never a landmark to go by, but somehow Korra’s intuition always led her to exactly the right place. She could feel it in her stomach each time she got closer to Asami, an electricity that shamed every firebender alive.

At last she found herself standing outside the familiar red door of Asami’s room, looking up at it eagerly. Her heart thrummed with excitement as she reached for the knob, feeling its weighty mechanism roll in her grip. With a loud clunk the latch unfurled, and the door cracked open, letting the flowery scent of Asami’s tastefully decorated room spew into Korra’s face. She bit her lip, inhaling deeper as the door cracked open, and her eager eyes consumed each emerging inch of the room in hopes of finding Asami there.

From corner to corner, the mahogany room was empty of inhabitants. The great sprawling chamber was larger than Korra’s entire apartment, bright colors and natural light mixed with stained wood and tasteful art. The center was mostly clear space, with a few chairs and books strewn about. On Korra’s right was the door that led to Asami’s actual bed chamber, while her office desk dominated this room, set against an enormous window that spanned the full back wall. The furniture was worn but well cared for.

Korra stepped into the room and thudded the door shut behind her, taking in another lungful of Asami’s lofty scent. She sighed breathily, leaning back against the door as she absorbed the scenery. She always detested the pomp of the upper class, but the Sato’s tastes never really bothered her. It was all understated; the goal of no single piece ever to display wealth- it all had a purpose, which she greatly admired.

Korra spent a long while refamiliarizing herself with the room, letting her eyes wander across the walls, and linger upon the new details. New artwork, new decorations, all of it pleasing, though it left Korra trying to piece together just how much of it was actually new, and how much she’d just never paid attention to. She worked her way from front to back, eyes finally landing on Asami’s desk, where they thud to a halt.

“Now that’s new…” Korra muttered, eyes squinting as she spied a great, odd shape cresting the top of the desk. Its details were indistinct against the flooding light of the back windows, urging Korra to step closer. As she cleared past the midpoint of the room, the details became more clear, urging an intrigued smirk from Korra’s lips.
A large box sat atop Asami’s desk, its bright blue letters flickering in the sun.

“Weird.” Korra mouthed to herself, her forward gait not stalling. “Asami always cleans out her business-stuff before having guests…”

Finally Korra pulled in close enough for the visual to resolve against the light.
A large, matte black box sat sturdily atop Asami’s wooden desk, just large enough for a single man to carry. The front was imprinted with a large circular seal, stamped in shiny blue lettering. Korra paused, thumbing her lower lip with intrigue. The logo belonged to a group she had met many a time. In fact, it was the first symbol she’d ever memorized in Republic City.
The seal read ‘RCPD- Republic City Police Department.’
Underneath, a yellow label printed the strict word: ‘Prototype’.

“Lin and Asami, business partners hm?” Korra tilted her eyebrows curiously, hovering closer towards the box. Her approach was like a stalking hunter, but she halted for just a moment about three steps off, her curiosity clashing against a pulse of concern. It was very much possible this had been left out on accident.
Korra started to back away, but she quickly noted Asami’s cleared-off desk. No papers, no files- just The Box... she’d already put away everything she didn’t want Korra to find.
The girl loosed a trusting shrug.

“Well, she did say to make myself at home.” The young woman declared, completing her stride to the box and setting her hands on top. It was larger up close, and its surface felt cool to the touch, a smooth but grippable tooth to it as her fingers sank beneath its lid. She winced a bit as her tender wrists brushed against the sturdy edge, but the spike of pain resolved into a smooth, warm memory. A dapple of heat ran through Korra’s face, the box before her suddenly reminding her of a very different one back home beneath her bed. She winced and let out an annoyed huff, trying to purge the alien thoughts from her head as her fingers flipped up against the lid.
“Ugh. Okay, let’s see what Lin’s-”

Korra’s heart stopped in her chest. The loud clack of the chest rang against her ears as its lid jolted open in mechanized action, and unleashed a burst of leathery air into her face. The smell poured through her, rich and rugged as her breathless gaze bore down at the box. It unlatched from its corners and unfurled like a briefcase into a series of panels, insides turning out to reveal a complex array of black leather belts, pads, and restraints, attached roughly in the shape of a human body.
Breath refused to come to Korra’s chest as she poured over the harness. Each piece looked thick and sturdy, bearing straps and latches of every shape and size. The pieces unfolded in obvious pattern, even Korra could tell instantly: each was individually molded to fit a different curve or limb of the body, all interconnected through a central mechanism at the back. She counted more than thirty different pieces to the set, each fitted with at least one flat metal spine, and a small, knob-like stud she couldn’t imagine the purpose of. They all seemed to fit together along the flexible spines, like puzzle pieces, folding upon a human body.

Korra’s jaw fell openly agape. She had seen metalbenders don segmented armor before, but this looked endlessly more involved. Her attention was drawn to the large central mechanism at the back, a slick column of metal arranged to sit directly upon a wearer’s spine, laced with pulleys, studs, and belts that all seemed to feed together and unify the suit. What on earth this mechanism could do to its wearer once worn, Korra hadn’t the slightest idea, but that was sourced from equal parts ignorance, and the blinding heat that had frothed up in her face.
She wanted it. Every inch of her screamed at the taboo, but her desires were ironclad. She had spent the whole night dreaming of exactly this.

Korra’s hand shakily reached out to touch the suit, dappling her fingers around the refined edge of the central metal piece. Her grasp wafted down to play across the leather, feeling the smoothness and solidity of its many straps beneath her touch. A want unlike any other torrented in the pit of her stomach, the heat in her face spreading down through her limbs and throbbing against her tender rope-marked flesh. She had to at least play with it. Just a cuff. Just to see.

Korra twitched a finger at the mechanism- surely enough it twitched in response to her metalbending. Her heart skipped a beat as the synapses synced.
“Like a miniature prison you can metalbend...” She mouthed, still awestruck, twitching her hand a few more times to get a rhythm for the suit’s awkward structure. It prodded back and forth at her suggestion, and although its individual pieces were many, the spines and knobs were plentifully spaced, giving her a solid holistic grip on the suit. Metalbending was still the girl’s rustiest form, but she could easily see how one could restrain a fleeing convict in moments with this harness.  It took Korra a long few moments of playing with the suit in its box before she had felt out the kinks in its movement, and gave a hard swallow.

She turned her head towards the door, and even her breath fell silent. She gave a long listen, staring at the dense red wood, waiting to hear if any footsteps were coming. Save for her throbbing heart, all was silent. Chest pounding, the girl turned back to face the harness, her palms jittering.

“Just for a second.” Korra assured herself, breath running hot  as she stood back and oriented her limbs against the outspread arrangement of the harness. She had put on armor before- it would be just like that.
“Metalbend it on, see what it feels like, metalbend it off.” She planned, eyes wafting hungrily over the dozens of straps as they sat open, prepared.
“Ten seconds, twenty tops.” The girl recited, closing her eyes to feel the magnetic connection to the steel before her. Carefully she sensed out the placement of the buckles and straps, determined how the puzzlepiece spines would wrap and align with her body, so that she might shut the whole snare tight in a single consuming motion. She needed to get in and out fast, and it took her many dwindling moments before she finally nodded satisfied in her control.
Korra spun slowly around, maintaining her connection to the metal studs, and aligning the long steel back-piece against her own spine.

“Ten seconds, twenty tops.” Korra repeated under her breath, a roaring excitement tempered within her throat. She twitched eagerly, and felt the whole suit shift behind her in response, perfectly in line with her body. It was ready. She was ready.

“Okay, here we go.” Korra steeled herself excitedly, quelling the bubbling in her stomach as she threw her arms back and pulled the connections taut.
“Three.” She rolled her fingers tight, and felt the long singular sleeve of the harness tilt its entrance to accommodate her arms.
“Two.” The suit clicked to life as its interlocking spines arranged themselves properly, folding new loops out and unwinding fresh belts to contort the victim into the commanded position.
“One.” Korra exhaled through a brimming grin, equal parts nervous and thrilled as she flung her arms forward, and instantly felt the suit tackle her from behind.

It slammed into her with shocking momentum, knocking the breath out of her lungs as the solid metal spine-piece latched between her shoulders, securing a tight holding loop beneath her ribs. Korra squirmed, shuttering a scream of laughter as dozens more belts latched down her limbs in simultaneous motion, rippling down upon her every joint. The back-piece roared to life in motorized action, sending thrumming vibrations down through Korra’s spine as it automatically began snapping belts together.

Instantly Korra felt her knees buckle and her elbows slam together, with every joint between snapping taut in unison. The girl unleashed a hot burst of breath in instant surrender, twisting her neck as the biting buckles grappled down her curves. She had little time to savor the sensation before it evolved, more buckles clasping her arms together behind her back and swallowing them up in a snug leather sleeve, dragged taut up her forearms by mechanical hooks. The girl had to bite her tongue just to keep her voice from swelling as the sleeve squeezed her down from finger to elbow, and buckled tight across her shoulders, sealing her tight within the glove.

All at once a single click cracked against Korra’s frame, and she sputtered as the metal plates connected, merging the pieces together into a rigid bodily frame, an immovable exoskeleton layered atop her helplessly restricted body.

Heat flooded Korra’s cheeks as all at once her elastic wriggles were commanded to stillness, a tight-wrapped statue in the center of the room. She groaned as more loops latched tight between her breasts in a criss-cross pattern, buckling against her spine-piece and trapping her sleeve fully against her back.
“Ten seco-” Korra tried to remind herself of her goal again, just in time for a sudden tightening line sweep against the backs of her ankles. A shriek of surprise lilted from the red-faced girl as she felt herself fold backwards upon herself, the plates latching her down into a back-bent pose, chest smooshed against the ground.

“Unngf.” Korra loosed a heavenly moan as she collapsed into the full-body embrace, her sleeve contracting and hoisting her arms back against her ankles. The girl’s moans carried out through the room as she was swallowed by the harness’ embrace- but her echoes were quickly overwhelmed by a second sound, whirring to life. Korra’s eyes widened, pooling with fearful excitement as she felt the large cupped plate at the back of her head begin to thrum with a motorized ripple, synchronized with the churning mechanism atop her spine.

Korra found her laughter hard to suppress, toes curling as she felt the latch behind her head fire off a pair of wide belts: one on level with her eyes, the other her mouth. First the blindfold sank down against her eyes, clenching down to a mechanical grip that squeezed them shut like an industrial vice. The strap bit Korra’s skin with stunning authority, collapsing her world into darkness as the second belt whipped around her cheeks. Korra sputtered as it whirred down to tightness, not simply strapping over her lips like she’d expected, but cramming a large plastic bulb into her mouth before locking down to a motorized squeeze, cramming the object deep inside.

“Pllaauhhfnkk?!” Korra hacked into the plastic, eyes watering beneath the blindfold as she felt the spine-piece finally whir down to quiet, and the last of the buckles cinch down around her. It fell quiet for a moment, leaving her stunned and motionless on the floor.

Korra groaned, her whole body laying clenched, head pulled back, arms and legs contorted together against her backside, all locked in place by countless sinewy buckles. The girl’s heated vocalizations reverberated against the fill of her gag, a rippling soreness already threatening her back as it arched to the very verge of pain, the ceaseless motor having collapsed her down to her body’s exact limit. Korra’s groan tilted up into a sharp peep, as the final strap clasped down- a luxuriously textured belt, cinching tightly up between her legs before clasping in with the rest, and grinding up to a motorized tightness.

“Uaunngghhgg...” Korra moaned, collapsed blind on the floor, her mouth contorted around the intrusive object. Every last fiber seemed to squeeze down around her, ballooning her exposed skin outward. The girl squirmed- or rather tried to- and felt the heat explode through her face as not a single muscle registered as able. The leather squeezed down upon her every surface, and the interlocking plates held her impossibly stiff. She couldn’t budge, save for her tongue against the plastic plugging her mouth. She couldn’t feel, save for the snug caress of the harness, and the cold floor smeared against her skin. She laid there dazed, world robbed of all input; it was just her. Just Korra and her pounding heart.

‘Okay, that’s twenty seconds.’ She managed to assemble her thoughts amidst the blur. Reluctantly, she knew this was not a position she could accommodate for long. With a nasal sigh, Korra expanded her mind to again feel the magnetic pull of the harness, locating the mechanism upon her back. ‘A few flipped switches and Asami will never kno-.’

Like lightning, a series of snaps blasted down Korra’s spine, silencing her thoughts in a blur of pain. She yelped, a line of pinpoint bullets jabbing down her frame from neck to toe, digging into her muscles. Not just her muscles though, she quickly realized… the placement of the pain was too specific, too deadeningly familiar. Korra’s eyes widened behind their strap, her stomach turning cold with dread as she realized the function of the suit’s downpressed studs.
She had been chi-blocked.

A drooling cry of panic lilted from Korra’s mouth as all at once, in her contorted state upon the ground, she felt her power fizzle to stillness. The suit vanished from her senses entirely, a muffled gasp bursting spittle from the girl’s outstretched lips as her conscience grasped at its wisps. Korra shivered and clasped her arms within their sleeve, some desperate piece of her still begging the suit to obey her command, but no matter how she twitched her fingers, the metal refused to obey. The dots of pain radiated numbness through her body, filing her stillness in triplicate atop the leather belts and thick metal plates. Suddenly, Korra could only lay upon the floor, her chest smooshed beneath her, back bent, toes curling, fully consumed by the harness.

“Ungh.. ghckk…” Korra moaned through her gag, blind to her own swaddled appearance as she toppled over onto her back, breasts thrust prominently upwards. She squirmed uselessly within the grip of her harness, skin rippling beneath countless interwoven straps. Each attempted tug only solidified her contorted despair; not an inch was responsive. Somewhere within her though, as she lay in bristling silence, her surging despair was being consumed by a larger, hungrier beast.

The depth of this helplessness transcended any point of fantasy Korra had ever fathomed. Korra could feel the drool dribbling down her chin, her speech vanished, unable to call for help as the caress of the air played across her livewire skin. Her world was spinning, being consumed by fantasy again, but unlike the night before- this was no dream. No imagination or pretend-playing was involved to sell her on her helplessness. Every moment of it, every inch of it was painfully real. She was a package: a drooling, contorted plaything to be dealt with as fancied. There were no jobs in her blind, moaning world; no chores or obligations. There was only stillness upon a cold floor; only the bite of the leather claiming her curves, and the swell of plastic filling her jaw.

The occasional twitch or moan would break through Korra’s belted frame, sending bounces or ripples across her more exposed pieces, but otherwise the girl had no options. She could not run, could not hide, only lie there- and some shadowed piece of her was thankful for it. The confrontation approached, unavoidable. Asami would soon walk in, and Korra’s everything would be revealed to her. No more hiding, no more living in fear of her alien desires being found out. She would be made to face this.
Until then though, Korra could only shiver and groan, lying in wait, savoring the endlessly strict touch of the harness.

Korra’s world  of fantasy reclaimed her for a number of minutes she could not count. The strict sensations dominated her far beyond anything she’d ever dreamed; they were a dream come true, and their crawling caress transcended her every expectation. She flexed her fingers and slurped her lips blindly, giving herself up to rigid frame. Rugged leather swallowed her reality, its touch, its smell, every point of her skin drinking in the contrast between this holistic, complete bondage, and the childish mess which she’d imposed upon herself that previous night.

Korra allowed her dreams to conquer her, countless new scenarios flooding her mind, these ones escalated by the true, unshakeable reality of her present condition. She hummed softly, and wriggled to a snug position against the base of Asami’s desk, giving full command to her subconscious. She could do little else as she waited the seemingly endless minutes for Asami to arrive.

** ** ** ** **

The thud of the door shocked Korra into awareness, jolting her in place upon her back. Her limbs were unable to tilt her to face the intruder, nor would her blindfold allow her the privilege of sight, but she could feel eyes upon her. In her waiting, her dribble of drool had grown into a steady stream down her chin.

“Ahkshmmi?” Korra gurgled a loud, confused syllable into the room, begging that fate had sent Asami and not one of the butlers. Even then, the thought of what her partner might say was petrifying. She had intruded past anywhere intended, and a rabid scolding was not at all out of the question. The girl cringed in expectation.

An explosion of feminine laughter bolted Korra’s panic back to the real world, Korra instantly recognizing the soft chime of Asami’s voice. A wave of desperate relief poured through her as the sweet, chiding voice rang out, paired with footsteps.
“Snooping little Avatar got a little curious I see.”

Korra began to hum a response, only to feel the heat of Asami’s body crouch down over her, and a hand slide in behind her head. With a click of Asami’s wrist, a latch unleashed, and the bulbous insertion receded out of Korra’s mouth with a watery pop. Korra groaned and smacked her lips thankfully, working her jaw in the process. After a moment she inhaled to speak.

“Not gonna get my blindfol-mmm~” Korra started to talk, before a soft pair of lips pressed down atop hers, closing her mouth with a gentle kiss. The girl melted in her blind world, fingers fraying in their bonds, toes curling as she surrendered to the touch of her lover, mouths merged in tender heat. Korra herself could do little to contribute, head tilted back as it was, but she was perfectly content to lie still and helpless receiving. After not long enough, Asami’s lips bristle and break the kiss, floating away out of Korra’s world.
“Now there’s a hello.” She gushed between steep inward breaths.

“No,” Asami taunted back with a tap on her nose, “a hello is returning to your bedroom for a date, and finding your months-gone girlfriend tampering with government weaponry, twisted and groaning in a pool of her own drool.”

Asami’s voice was laced with those teasing little prickles that somehow made it all seem fine, something Korra could not comprehend as she felt two hands grip her strongly by the shoulders, and pull her headfirst into a warm, soft lap. She hummed in stunned satisfaction, cheeks flushing with heat as she felt Asami sink her fingers into her hair.
“I missed you.” Asami murmured, a contemplative pout on her cheeks as Korra felt her stare. More fingers dragged through her scalp, sending shivers dancing down Korra’s spine as she replied.

“I missed you too.” She whispered back, a warm comfort blooming in her stomach as she sank her cheek deeper into Asami’s lap and rested. “So much I decided I’d wrap myself as a present for you.”

“Oh, is that what this is?” Asami giggled.

“Of course!” Korra stumbled a bit over the phrase- she never was very quick in the arena of verbal wit. “What else would it be?”

“Oh, you know, I think I have a few theories.” Asami taunted, running a long finger down the rib-like series of belts packaging Korra together. Korra felt each bump as it passed like a teasing little prod, bypassing her burning desire for a real touch, or another kiss.

“Korra enters my room, Korra goes through my stuff, comes across brand new police tech, and gets curious enough to try it on not knowing it’s built to restrain metalbenders.” Asami drifted, her teasing touches continuing up and down Korra’s front, her other fingers still working magic across her scalp.
“Now what I’m curious about is what happened in between those last two parts. Why would Korra see this harness, and then want to bend it onto herself?”

“I...-” Korra’s voice began, but choked and fell flat, an overwhelming shame burning in her throat. Her face blossomed red, and tucked deeper into Asami’s lap, her only avenue to escape the humiliation.

Asami burst into laughter at the naive girl’s retreat, letting her stroking hand fall still to pry Korra’s reddened cheeks out from the folds of her lap.
“Korra! Korra, it’s fine!” She reassured her with a calming stroke of her face. She let the captive Avatar settle for a moment between heavy breaths, a confused tilt to her lips as she emerged from her hiding place. Another laugh glided through Asami’s voice as she pulled Korra tight from behind, and squeezed her packed body in a deep, consuming hug.
“Geez, they really shelter you in the temple life, don’t they?”  She poked, dropping her chin atop Korra’s head.

Korra had never been so confused in her entire life as she melted against Asami’s chest. She was comforted, but wild-thoughted as her mind exploded with questions. Did Asami somehow know about her… habits? How?! Or was she talking about something else entirely and it just seemed similar? A thousand repetitions of the same idea echoed inside Korra’s skull: was her shameful secret not so secret? Or was it not so shameful? Korra’s need to know rattled louder and louder in feedback inside her head, until it burst into a baffled eruption.

“OKAY, okay hold up!!” Korra shouted through staggered, pleading voice. “How am I sheltered?! Sheltered from what?”

Her question was answered by a quiet click at the back of her head.

Korra let out a gasp, a subtle thrill to her breath as she felt the weight of Asami’s grasp draw across her face. The whirr of the gag-strap whistled past her ears, and before Korra could think to plead, she felt the heavy tip of the insertion playing upon her lips. A forceful shove from Asami’s palm smacked the rubber sphere deep into the back of Korra’s throat, her jaw sharply expanding to accommodate. The girl’s eyes watered behind her thick blindfold as she gagged and spittled upon the plug, punctuated by the quiet sound of it clicking down, and pulling back to its motorized tightness.

“Auhmkk… heuhhmmk.” Korra burbled through the insertion, upturned as Asami’s grasp cupped beneath her chin, and pulled her tight against her one last time. Korra seized as she felt her body consumed by Asami’s, folding around her dark world like a protective pillow. She was utterly helpless, partially scared, but also confident and safe. Every ounce of danger or fear she should have felt had been replaced by an electric, sensual eagerness.

“How about I just show you?” Asami’s voice flecked playfully, the warm foreshadowing in her tone sending Korra into fits.
Everything within Korra dispersed into shattering shivers as she felt Asami’s hand move, and easily cup the base of her breast, toying against the fabric of her shirt. Korra inhaled sharply at the action, but her breath stayed locked there in her lungs, frozen over by spasms of chill as Asami’s tongue flitted against the inside of her ear.

“Mmmhhhhaguuuhnnnnn…” She moaned as everything within her collapsed.

It was really about to happen.
Korra didn’t truly understand it, but her insides bubbled with fearful anticipation. With a long groan she pressed tighter against Asami’s warmth, savoring the drifting touches over her shirt. She found herself chewing on the plastic gag, an anxious suckling motion upon her tongue as she mouthed garbled words of request to her handler, churning her thighs together upon their intimate strap. She jutted her chest further outwards, blindly begging Asami to claim it. But such instant relief would not come. The girl was taking her sweet time, drifting touches over the crests of her shirt.

Korra felt thoughts swallowed back into the sphere of fantasy, each gracing touch of Asami’s hand stirring deeper sensation within her taut, upturned abdomen. She was really, truly helpless in her partner’s hands. No imaginary bindings, no secret escape tricks. She simply laid trembling, surrendered to the whims of her captor, waiting to be stripped bare of her everything, to be teased and transformed into something raw and hungry.

Only Asami’s prickling touch continued to exist in Korra’s contorted, drooling world. Its teasing edge found play tight against her flesh and caressed lovingly, but with powerful authority. Korra had dissolved entirely into the hold of her captor, into the thick bite of leather lacing her, and into the flowery scent of Asami’s chest, playing sharp accent to her drifting moans. Another nibble chilled down on the edge of her ear, freezing Korra’s every muscle solid in twisted ecstasy as Asami’s breath warbled past her cheek.

“Let’s teach you a thing or two about yourself, Ms. Avatar.”
The war has ended, Kuvira's defeated, but Korra's problems never seem to end. :D

It's good to return to the realm of some good ol' consensual bondage. A lot of the stuff I've written as of late has had bondage and bdsm used as a weapon, which while sexy, is a distortion of practice. It's nice to take it back once in a while to its roots of connection and self-discovery.
Thanks to :icontori5: for commissioning this piece! This was my first ever attempt to tackle the intricate head-space of a self-bondage practitioner seeking release, specifically one who is only just now discovering her desires and may be finding them unnatural. 

As always, critiques are welcome, but overall I simply ask you enjoy the story! :)
Part 2 arrives whenever Tori5 commissions it. ;)
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Knight-of-Nivilia Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017
Wow, what a story,,
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hah, enjoy yourself? :) 
I'm glad!
Knight-of-Nivilia Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2017
Truthfully yes, it was quite a thrill seeing Korra trying to resist a temptation or more desire only to fail and loose herself to it.
 Then it leading her into a interesting but lovely thing with Asami.

All and all, it was a wondrous piece to read :)
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
It was largely my intention to capture the feeling of someone who is first discovering their... sensual proclivities after being raised a vacuum. It happens all the time in real life, and the 'modernizing' world of Korra makes for a really interesting setpiece where there could be a mix of those who have started to understand sexual nature as common, and those who still see it as taboo, perceiving relatively normal kinks as abnormal or freakish.
Having been there myself in the early years of self-discovery after a very sheltered childhood, I'd imagine Korra would have it even worse trying to comprehend the concept of a sexual quirk after having been raised in isolation, and in a rather monastic tradition.
But it all makes for good entertainment watching her discover herself. ;)
Knight-of-Nivilia Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017
No problem :)
 I see and must truthfully say, you captured the journey + experience honestly perfectly. 
As it was quite a ride seeing Kora breaking out of her shell and discovering this then let it mess with her for it to be learned by trusted party.
   Agreed, very entertaining
VertigoR Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
Part 2... :(
dawho555 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
It was a commission! :P
VertigoR Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
*still sad*
Bigbangboom100 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016
Yeah...that was hot. Getting tingly reading this.
tokero6294 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016
hawt damn!
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, I'm very glad you enjoyed it! :)
Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, it means a lot!
tokero6294 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016
DamselLvr2nd Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016
I really hope you do a bondage story with Lin one day.
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Maybe one day! I'm definitely not opposed to it, but for whatever reason Lin's whole age thing puts her behind other potential damsels for me on a personal level. :P
Tori5 Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I know I'm coming late (and that I already sent you my review in the note), so just let me thank you again for writing one of the best stories that I've ever read and also point out two details that I've missed in my first review:

Korra's inner dialogues. At the start, when she talks to herself (and the ropes) - it's a perfect show of one of her features, she already did this several times in the TV show, and I'm very pleased to see you incorporate it so well into your own story. :)


Korra's knot tying centered about her waterbending. I also forgot to mention this and I feel honestly ashamed for this. It was an amazing way for Korra to learn how to tie knots without having to read a book or spend a suspicious amount of time hanging around those sailors and watching them with squinted eyes and furrowed brows. It worked perfectly and delivered exactly what it had to deliver.

So, to put it simply - you did a way better job on the story than my imagination could ever come up with! ^^
swatrzwald Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
The device reminded me of something I saw in Dr. Strange.   
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha! You're totally right! I'm totally fine with that mental image persisting.
Also, damn that movie for using that device on the least sexy character available. -_-
swatrzwald Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I know, right?  Wasted opportunity.
swatrzwald Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
And incidentally, that has to have been one of the worst cases of pink eye I have ever seen.
Jack-Inqu13 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice job; you really have a knack for putting the reader into the mind of the character, no easy task.

I did spot a formatting error, though: the last half/third of the story is all in bold.  Other than that, excellent work.
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Already fixed! Thanks for the keen eye though, sorry if that distracted you from your first pass!

And I appreciate the feedback a lot!
In the interest of improving, would you mind if I asked you a quick question about your read? :P
Jack-Inqu13 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
You're welcome, and it wasn't too bad.

Sure, go ahead.
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty straight forward- I already have my own opinions on this but if I stay in my own echo chamber I'll only become more exaggerated in my style-

If you had to pick a most engaging moment, and a least engaging moment within your read (aside from having your retinas burned out by a wall of bold text), what would you find em to be?
Jack-Inqu13 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Most engaging was when Korra realized she was truly trapped and had no choice but to stay in bondage and wait for Asami.

The least engaging moment was the dream sequence; my imagination isn't the best, so I had hard time connecting with that particular fantasy.
Krocken Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016
Kinda messed up with bolding.
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for that. Totally wouldn't have noticed until much later :D
Krocken Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016
Other than that, nice story.
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! I was really pleased with the results myself. :)
I mean, it's writing, so there's always something that could be improved, but I actually discovered a lot about my editing process between the last story and this one, and feel like I found a bit of a 'level up' this time. At least from a personal perspective. From an outside view it's quite likely indistinguishable. Haha
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
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