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It was another standard day at Kame House: Boring. Of course, one can't ask for too much excitement by voluntarily living on a deserted island in the center of the pacific ocean that's about a hundred feet in diameter. Not only that, but the only real company available on said island happens to be a pig and a turtle, both of which mysteriously talk, a perverted old man who is convinced he is a tortoise, and a bipolar psychopath who experiences severe premenstrual symptoms every time her nostrils clear. Home sweet home.

It was on this island that Bulma spends every summer with these people. During those long summer weeks, her husband Vegeta would go off to train with their son Trunks, leaving Bulma all alone at the house. So, desperate for a little time at the beach, Bulma always made her way back here to reunite with all of her old friends. Yes, these strange people were all her closest friends, sure, but eventually one becomes aware of the group one hangs out with.

"Ugh!" Bulma sighed. She was sitting out on the hot white sand of the beach, wearing a white tank-top and a red short skirt. "You know, sometimes I wonder why I'm the only normal one around here," she pondered as she soaked in the sun's rays.

The days seemed to drag by after a week or so of staying at the Kame House, and today happened to be a particularly slow day to go by. There was nothing on TV, the ocean was flat, and Master Roshi and Oolong had both gone grocery shopping, not that Bulma particularly missed their company.

"What I wouldn't give to have some fun around here!" Bulma shouted at the sky, sprawling backwards and laying flat on her back. "Boy, I sure do miss the good old days! Back when I got to be a part of the adventure with Goku and Krillin!" She sighed. "Screw you, Akira Toriyama!"

Bulma's complaints were interrupted by some light footsteps on the sand behind her. She turned her head to see her fellow blue-haired friend, Launch having just exited the house!

"Sounds like you need to find something fun to do!" She giggled as she reached her hand out to Bulma, who grasped it appreciatively and stood up, almost slipping back down on the slippery hot sand.

" Yeah! Why didn't I think of it before?" Bulma shouted in excitement as she leaped up into the air. "Now that the guys are out for the rest of the day, we can have some serious Girl Time! Just the two of us! Oh wow this is going to be so great! You have no idea what it's like having a Saiyan Prince as your husband! It's always 'Saiyan Pride' this and ‘ Power Levels' that!"

She paused, angry from her ranting. After a few breaths, she calmed down and finished her sentence. "But that's all okay now that you and me are together now!"

"Alright, some girl time sounds great, Bulma!" Launch smiled. "I could use something entertaining just as much as you!" The two grinned as they hooked arms and headed into the house. Launch turned around to look at the clock once they stepped into the cool living room. "Okay, Bulma! We have a good five or six hours until the guys get back! What do you want to do?"

"Hmm..." Bulma thought aloud. "I know! How about we do each others' nails?" she exclaimed joyously, jumping at the chance to be feminine for the first time in a week!

"Yeah, that sounds great, Bulma! Okay, I'll get the polish remover and you get the paint." Launch said happily, moving to the other room.

"Yeah, sure thing, Launch!” Bulma agreed. “Where is it?"

"Go look in my room! I keep it all in a small black box under my bed!" she called through the bathroom door.

"Gotcha," Bulma replied as she walked down the hall and opened the door to Launch's room. It was about what she expected from Launch. A small room, but cozy and quite tidy. The walls were painted a deep blue, matching the ocean, and red curtains hung over the windows. Launch's bed was in the center of the room. Bulma quickly approached it, got on her hands and knees, and bent down to peer underneath the bed. Bulma couldn't quite find it, but after a little digging, she surely enough found it. There was a large black box buried underneath an old, dusty, brown, blanket.

"Alright, I got it!" Bulma called out as she picked up the box and ran into the living-room. She walked in to see Launch already sitting on the sofa, preparing an array of beauty-products. Bulma plopped down on the couch next to Launch with a smile, placing the black box on the table with her hands on the lid.

"Okay, ready to get started?" Bulma smiled, lifting off the cap.

Launch's eyes drifted over to Bulma. She stuttered in shock, "Wait, Bulma! No! Not that Box!" It was too late. Bulma had ripped the top off of the black container, revealing its contents. Inside it was a huge quantity of what Bulma recognized to be bondage gear. There were rubber balls with leather straps connected to the sides, Bulma knew those were simply called ballgags, there were also a mass of ropes filling up most of the box, with several pairs of handcuffs too, as well as a collection of sponges and cloths and other such materials. Bulma was able to recognize these because, although it was not directly related to the company, Capsule Corp. happened to have a branch that produced this exact same stuff. Bulma had visited the building several times and her curiosity had been piqued by the items, but she never tried anything herself.

She looked over to Launch, whose face was burning a cherry red. "Ooh! You probably think I'm some sort of freak now!" Launch whimpered, covering her face.

'Well, it's actually a bit too late for that....' Bulma thought to herself before speaking. "Launch-"

"And I know that it's strange to keep it with me here in my room-"

"LAUNCH?" Bulma shouted, interrupting the embarrassed girl.

"Hmm?" She responded, still covering her face.

"I have an idea for something that's a lot more exciting than painting nails!"

"Alright Bulma... are you sure about this?" Launch said slowly and especially audibly to make sure Bulma was thinking clearly. After they had decided to spend the rest of the day putting Bulma into bondage, she decided to get dressed more for the role. She had now replaced her skirt and tank top with a simple dark red set of underwear. Stripped to her bra and panties, she engaged in conversation with Launch as she prepared the materials.

"You do realize what you're getting yourself into?" Launch almost seemed to warn Bulma.

Bulma laughed. She wasn't sure if Launch was praising herself for her own ability to tie people effectively, or taunting her for a lack of experience in this subject.

"Yeah yeah, bring it on Launch," Bulma said coolly. "Just look at you!" She laughed, pretending to taunt the girl. "What could a timid little girl like you possibly dish out that I can't handle? I can guarantee you that I'll escape anything you toss at me by about half an hour into it. I mean, you're talking to Bulma here! I've helped defeat the Red Ribbon Army, King Piccolo, and I've summoned the Eternal Dragon, what about five times now? I can handle it." She finished her bragging with her hands on her hips and a loud "Hmph!" Bulma seemed to be very sensitive about being thought of as weak. Perhaps this was her way of proving it.

"Alright then," Launch said happily as she began unwinding masses of ropes from her black box. "So you said that you can get out within half an hour, Bulma?"

"You bet!" Bulma replied haughtily. "Why do you ask? Getting nervous, are we?" Maybe if she could mess with Launch she would make a mistake and make it easier for her to escape.

"Oh, not at all," Launch responded calmly. "I just figured that we'd make a wager, that's all."

Bulma pondered it for a few more seconds as Launch still prepared all of her supplies. "What do you have in mind?" she said with a smirk.

"Well, if you get out of my bindings in half an hour as you say you can, you and I switch places. You'll bind and gag me and leave me helpless until Master Roshi and the others return home. But if I win, then I get rights to you for the rest of the six hours or so that Master Roshi will be gone for. I'd say that's a fair wager, wouldn't you?"

Bulma thought about it carefully. ‘Well,’ she thought to herself, ‘I AM dealing with Launch here, the least intimidating girl on the planet. She won't have any skills of note that I can't handle with all the experience I've had.’ She began to reassure herself, ‘And even if she sneezes and transforms into the Blonde-Launch, she won't be acquiring any new binding skills from a transformation like that. So I'll be dealing with the same essential challenge, even if the worst happens...’ Bulma had made up her mind. She would do it and keep the girl a helpless captive until Roshi returns. "Launch, you've got yourself a deal!"

"Wonderful! We're going to have so much fun!" Launch giggled.

"Okay, I can't wait any longer, Launch! Get started!" Bulma said eagerly.

"You've got it," she responded with a wink.

"So what're ya gonna do first?" Bulma asked with anticipation.

"You'll find out soon enough," Launch smirked. "Now turn around and place your hands behind your back." Bulma responded and obeyed the command, her hands shaking with excitement. She had always been wanting to try this, and now she finally had a chance to!

Launch began wrapping the dark blue ropes from the box around Bulma's wrists, tightly ensnaring them. She wrapped the rope around more and more tightly, until the piece she was using had just about run out. She then took what was left and wrapped it through the center of the bonds, making it so that Bulma couldn't pull her hands out of the ropes, before tying it off in a tight knot.

Bulma tried moving her wrists, but they were now conjoined solidly by the two ropes. She grunted as she struggled to try and slip her hands out of the ropes that cuffed her hands together, but it was nothing less than useless. "This could be a close contest after all..." she thought to herself as Launch continued.

Without much warning, Launch grabbed hold of both of Bulma's elbows with a shocking amount of strength. Unable to move her hands away, Bulma whimpered a bit as her elbows were slowly drawn towards each other. This was something she had not expected. In the TV shows the damsels were always tied with their wrists out in front and their ankles together, and that's all they needed. This was not what they showed on TV.

"Take it easy, Launch!" Bulma spat out as her elbows finally made contact behind her back.

"I'm going to win," Launch replied simply as she trapped Bulma's elbows in the blue ropes that might as well have been made of steel. They quickly ensnared her elbows and enveloped them, coiling from top to bottom in an inescapable weave of bindings. As before, Launch wrapped the coils through the center of center of the bindings before she began tying the knot. Soon, Bulma's arms were trapped together. Bulma squirmed as she felt the knots get pulled tighter and tighter. With one last yank of the knots, the ropes melded together, pulling both of her arms in together until they touched.

At this point there was essentially no sideways movement possible, and there was very little vertical mobility. Her arms were completely trapped in a straight line, a solid bar, unable to pull them apart for any specific use. Bulma's arms hung, bound together immovably, fingers fluttering in a futile effort to reach the knot of her wrist bonds. Not that it would have mattered, because she couldn’t untie her elbow bonds even if she did untie her wrists!

"And now, here's what we do to keep them down flat against your back!" Launch said with a cheery grin as she stood behind Bulma and began winding more rope around her. She began by winding it around the top of Bulma's chest a few times, then knotting it off. Then she wrapped it below her breasts a few times, came back and knotted that off. Thankful that she took such a long piece of rope, Launch then brought it up over Bulma’s shoulder and down in between her breasts, under the ropes above and below them. Once she drew the rope fully through, she brought it back up and under it again, tightening it off each time. After doing this five times, the ropes above and below Bulma’s breasts curved downward and upward respectively to meet in the middle, compressing her chest slightly and making it push out more. Launch brought the rope over Bulma’s other shoulder and made another knot beside the original two.

Finally, she took the little slack that remained on the rope she had, looped it around her elbow bonds, and one she pulled them as close as she could to the knot, tied it off. Finally, she took a third coil of rope and wound it around Bulma's waistline. This would trap Bulma's wrists too, ensuring she could not move her arms even if she did free her elbows. Launch made a couple passes around Bulma’s waist, then knotted it off in the front, to ensure her fingers had no chance of untying it.

With the help of both the waist rope and the chest harness, Bulma's arms were now trapped completely against her back. She was unable to move them apart from each other, vertically or horizontally now. They were pressed tightly against her back, totally and utterly useless.

"Alright, I'm all done with your upper body!" Launch said with a smile. "Now we're gonna get started on your legs!" she said as she turned and walked away for a few moments. Bulma heard the door to Launch's room open and shut. In a few seconds, she was back out, carrying with her some more supplies she must have had stashed away in other places. "So," she said trying to make awkward conversation, "how is it?"

Bulma didn't want to let Launch catch on that she was a lot more nervous than she thought she would
be. "Eh, it's not so bad," she bluffed. "I've gone through things ten times worse."

Paying the comment no heed, Launch moved on to the next stage. "Alright now, Bulma, I need you to get face down on the ground," she ordered, pointing to the floor.

"What?" Bulma exclaimed. "How am I supposed to do that without my arms?" She wiggled in her bonds for emphasis.

Launch sighed playfully. "Fine then, I'll do it," she said flatly as she pressed her hand against Bulma's back. With a light shove, Bulma was quickly launched off of balance, forcing her to the ground.

Launch moved quickly and as Bulma fell, caught her via her arm bonds, lowering her down slowly to the ground, Bulma helping with her legs. At about half a foot from the ground, Launch let go, and Bulma hit it chest first with a slightly pained “Oomph!”

Not daring to give Bulma a second to react, Launch dove on top of her with several ropes in hand. Along with the ropes, she was holding something else that would be making Bulma nervous. A sturdy wooden pole, somewhat short, with two adjustable leather straps on either end, to be used as a spreader bar. Deftly she opened the first strap and adjusted it just above Bulma’s right knee, then closed it and buckled it shut. She repeated this process just above Bulma’s left knee. Then, without warning, she grabbed Bulma’s right leg and folded it. With a dozen of lightning fast loops Launch tautly wound the dark blue ropes around her captive's mid-calves, frogtying her leg tightly shut. Launch tied the bindings off in thick complex knots and pulled all the ropes extra tight, so that Bulma's calves stayed snugly closed. After resting for just a few seconds, she repeated the process on her captive's other leg.

At this point, Bulma was literally unable to resist anymore. She was unable to utilize any part of her arms or legs. Even her torso was trussed up tightly! All of her attempts at thrashing and struggling were reduced to nothing but mere wiggles.

"I think I might be in some trouble...." Bulma thought, a pit developing in the center of her stomach.

"Oh yay! We're almost done!" Launch said clapping her hands joyously. "Just a little bit more to go!" She grabbed Bulma beneath the shoulders and pulled her up from her facedown position into a kneeling stance so that she was resting on her frogtied legs.

Bulma grunted uncomfortably as she was hoisted into her new sitting position. However, she was met with another quick surprise as she rested in her newest pose. She felt something else slide up against her ankles. A second wooden pole, much shorter this time. Before Bulma had any time to complain she felt the wood pole slide into place. A few seconds later, she felt the ropes begin lashing her ankles to the bar in a criss-cross pattern. It took Launch a full minute to finish binding her ankles and knotting them off tightly. The end result had her ankles spread apart ever so slightly, locked in position thanks to the pole. It let Launch place the knots at just above her foot, in front, so Bulma’s fingers had no chance of reaching the knots.

"Well, we're just about done here. I'm just gonna finish up!" Launch smiled holding up the last of her rope.

Bulma let out an exasperated sigh of relief, as she looked over to see Launch was only holding two more ropes, one in each hand. Even better, each rope was only a foot or two in length. "Well, there's not much left she can do to me now," Bulma said to herself, in a pseudo-optimistic voice.

"Not much left," Launch mimicked as she approached her, putting emphasis on the 'much’. "But then again, quality is better than quantity!" she said with a big grin.

"What exactly is that supposed to mean?" Bulma asked defiantly, downplayed with the slight edge of worry in her voice.

"It means that these two little ropes will be making you very uncomfortable for the next few hours!" Launch countered with an increasingly large smile. She seemed so happy about this, it was almost making Bulma nervous! Almost. "Now hold still," she ordered as she kneeled down behind Bulma and began working away with the little bit left.

Bulma couldn't tell what was happening behind her. She could feel Launch working the ropes into the knots on her wrists, but that was all the information she could gather.

"Alright, ready?" Launch taunted.

"Of course I am!" Bulma announced defiantly.

"Perfect!" Launch giggled as she began the final stretch.

Launch quickly grabbed the ropes that were now hanging off Bulma's wrists in an iron grip and began to slowly pull downwards! Her captive struggled against this maneuver, but Launch's strength seemed inhuman! Slowly and surely, Bulma's arms were pulled back down towards the ground. This, of course, was a supremely uncomfortable movement. The pressure of the rope attached to her arms forced Bulma to bend and arch her back more and more as the rope was pulled further down. She became increasingly aware that as her back bent further, it was forcing her breasts to push forward a bit more. Bulma finally became aware of the end result when she felt the wooden spreader bar at her ankles fit into her grasp.

"You little!" Bulma growled as she felt the ropes wind around the sturdy wooden bar, as well as her wrists. This secured her already heavily bound arms steadily to the pole, and when combined with the other spreader bar, a chest harness, and the frogties, she was left completely immobile. Being frogtied with a spreader bar is never the most comfortable thing. However, the situation is made considerably worse when one's arms are anchored immovably to ones ankles. Bulma grumbled as she felt the knot get tied off tightly with a hard yank. She could tell the knots – all of them - were far out of reach.

It was at this time that Bulma realized something. Some things you just can't get out of! Bulma knew that no matter how much time she had, she could never escape from this bondage. The ropes were too strong and too tight. The knots were complex and far out of her reach. Not to mention the bondage itself put her in an incredibly awkward pose with her breasts thrust out and her legs spread wide exposing her panties. She was unable to escape. She was helpless. And over all that, she realized the most important thing. She had NO chance of winning.

'What do I do?!' Bulma thought in desperation. 'If I keep on with the deal, we both know that I can't get out of this! I can't lose a wager, no matter how much fun I'm having! It's just not worth it!' She quickly began thinking of plans. What else was there that she could offer in order to call off the bet?! What was some kind of payment she could give?! After what felt like an eternity, she finally got an idea. It was a long shot, but it just might work.

"Hey, um, Launch?" Bulma spoke up as the blue-haired captor stood up and dusted off her hands.

"Yes, Bulma?" she replied sweetly, as if nothing were happening.

"I was wondering something..." She took in a breath. 'Here goes nothing,' she thought blandly. "Do you think we can... call off the bet?" she said with a cringe.

"But why?" Launch responded plainly. "Don't you like it?"

"Oh of course I do!" Bulma said truthfully. "But I'm not sure if I'm ready to actually escape from something this strict yet." She spoke again honestly, "Do you think that, in exchange for calling off this bet you know...give me some lessons? You know, we could do this to each other every other day or so. You obviously know a lot more than I do, and I just don't think it's fair. I mean, there's a gap between your experience here and mine bigger what's something big enough to describe it...bigger than Krillin's losing-streak," she said with a sigh of what was sounded like shame, or at least embarrassment.

" So please?" she concluded. "You've got nothing to lose! And neither do I!"

Launch seemed to ponder it. "So, we call it off for now...but you swear that once you think you can take me we're having a rematch? After I show you the ropes, pun intended?"

Bulma groaned at the terrible pun, rolling her eyes slightly. "Exactly," she said, with her fingers crossed, as well as they could be in her position. "And maybe even I could do this to you sometimes?" she offered. It seemed to tip the scale.

"Deal," Launch said smiling, holding out her hand.

"Very funny," Bulma growled as she wiggled in her bindings.

"The bet is off," Launch said as she walked behind Bulma as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"Great! Because personally, I really don't know how long I would be willing to stay tied up like th-MNNNPPHHH!!!" She was quickly interrupted by a large red sphere jamming itself into her mouth, wedging in behind her teeth. Bulma grunted into the rubber ball as she felt two straps pull themselves tightly against her cheeks as they were buckled together behind her head.

"WMPH THMM HNNK MPH YMM DMNNG?!" She grumbled into her gag angrily.

"Sure the deal itself is off, but that doesn't mean that I can't still keep you for myself for the next few hours!" Launch explained while pulling the straps that went around her nose and then over her head into place, buckling them shut to the straps that went around her jaw. "We set no rules outside of that wager, which means I'm still free to treat you as my prisoner!" she said placing her finger on the tip of Bulma's nose and giving her a quick wink as she took the strap that went below Bulma’s jaw and buckled it, preventing her from opening her mouth any wider. "But I suppose I should be fair..." she said to herself as she watched Bulma struggle in her ropes fiercely, although any true movements she attempted were constricted to mere wiggles, and any speaking was muted and garbled beyond recognition. "How about this? Tomorrow, when they all leave again, you can take a turn on me! I'll even let you borrow some of my books on knots tonight so you can practice in your room!"

Bulma seemed genuinely interested in the proposal. Sweet revenge! "Mnnn...Mmm Hmm!" She concluded with a vigorous nod of her head.

"Wonderful! I can't wait!" Launch giggled to herself as she fished one last thing out of her box. "So until then, enjoy your bondage!" she sang as she tied a large, folded blue cloth over Bulma’s gagged mouth. Bulma realized it was there to catch any drool the gag produced. A large black cloth followed, going over Bulma's eyes, sending her into complete blackness. She was ready for it to finally be over with.

"Oh wait! Silly me, I forgot about that last rope!" Launch chuckled, giving herself a knock on the head.

"Lmmh Rmph?" Bulma sputtered through her gag.

"Yeah! I tied it into the knots on that rope around your waist, but I forgot to actually use it!" Launch informed Bulma, moving behind her and then, much to her surprise, untying her wrists from the ankle-pole.

"Wmhht Rnn Ymph Dmmphnng?" Bulma asked through her gag.

“You’ll see,” Launch said sweetly, and Bulma a rope pass back between her legs. She uttered a muffled query, but Launch just hummed happily, looping it under the waist rope, and then under the ropes between Bulma’s breasts.

"HMMM?! WHMPT THN HMMK?!" She screamed as Launch pulled the crotchrope with a hard yank and wrapped it around once, Bulma bending slightly forward (well, as much as she could) to accommodate the pressure.

"And this is called a crotchrope." Launch concluded, with a sharp tug of the rope for emphasis, before she knotted it off, making Bulma flinch and mumble from behind her ballgag in response. "You'll get used to them," Launch said, almost reassuringly.

Then Bulma felt Launch grab the ropes on her wrists that were tied to the ankle pole, and she realize why Launch had tied the crotchrope the way she had.

“NNNMPH! MMM-MMM!! NNMMMPH!!” she shrieked, struggling, as Launch pulled downward again, forcing Bulma to bend backwards and thus increasing the pressure of her crotchrope. Launch tied off the ropes to her ankles with the same swift precision as before.

“LMMMCPH!!” Bulma yelled angrily.

“Don’t be mad, Bulma. You were the one who wanted to be tied up,” Launch replied defensively, though she was smirking a bit.

“Mmmm! Grnnmph!” Bulma muttered unintelligibly, struggling lightly, though there wasn’t much movement she could make.

Launch sat down behind her. “You need to cheer up!” she declared, and then started tickling Bulma’s exposed soles.

Bulma giggle-screamed into her gag and jumped – or tried to – and instantly regretted the motion, as it reminded her of all the tight, uncomfortable ropes on her. Her involuntary laughter racked her body for a few moments, but Launch stopped after only half a minute.

"Have fun!" she giggled, standing and giving Bulma a quick pat on the cheek as she stood up and exited the room.

"Mnn Hmmnn Ymmphnn!" she sputtered through her large red and blue gag. 'Oh, I will!' she thought to herself as she resigned to her feelings of helplessness, wiggling helplessly in her bondage. Unable to see, move, or cry out. In her underwear, on display and helpless. It was heaven for her. This was the most relaxed and strangely excited she had been in a long time. She began to toss her torso about gently, playing with her ropes, testing the knots and bonds. She knew it had all been done expertly. There was not a single mistake throughout the intricate weave of ropes that held her. She whimpered into the gag in her mouth. That was probably her favorite part. Being muted, silenced from the world. Unable to shout, protest, or complain should Launch return to do something to her while she was completely helpless.

She was finally enjoying herself on this vacation!

'And don't you worry about me, Launch!' Bulma thought to herself. 'This will give me a good few hours to plan on how to get you back!'
Alright, here's my latest story! As you can tell, it's finally Bulma's turn. I figured, "Hey she never gets any attention despite her popularity! I'll fix that!"

Huge amount of thanks to Sorcerer1234 for editing and such! This story would be a whole lot worse without him!

As always, please leave a comment below and tell me what you think! And don't forget to check out my journal!
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(And good to know I haven't last my touch while I've been gone) ;)
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Nice story and nice bondage. I liked this one a lot. Although there are a couple critiques I could give with some parts, but I'll save that if you want to hear them. Overall, I thought it was awesome. Always interesting bondage. :D
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm very much interested in hearing what you have to say! By all means, let me hear the critiques!
Bondobot Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009
alrighty. :) just a couple of suggestions. In the first paragraph it says ..."island happens to be a pig and a turtle, both of which mysteriously talk" Since most of us are familiar with the characters and since talking animals aren't the most uncommon thing in a story I'd put it like "both of which talk and prattle on and on..." or something a bit more fluid. Just a suggestion and not a big point. Maybe also Bulma could yell out "I thought you were just gonna bind my hands and feet! This is crazy!" Something a bit light hearted that is in line with her temperament. Just little things that would make the story feel a bit more like the subject matter and flow better.

I was a bit surprised that you didn't use blonde-hair Launch. I could imagine Bulma having fun with the escape idea and then then Launch sneezes and "Oh crap". Or, when Bulma wanted to take back the bet Lauch could have smiled and said okay nicely and then, just as she's about to undo the ropes she sneezes and then all hell breaks loose. Or, she could have sneezed at the end and left the story open to the imagination of the reader.

Anyway, these are really just some suggestions to think about and may improve your writing a bit. I really like the story. I really hope that's not too much, just trying to help ^^;
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, when I decided I was going to use Launch, Blonde Launch was the first thing I thought of. (And probably everyone else too) But then I realized: Having her sneeze would be what EVERY other person out there would naturally do. So I decided to do something a little less expectable, and remained completely normal! :D

I have to say I do think the sneezing as the last line of the story would be pretty hilarious, but that makes it harder to set it up for a sequel! ;)

Thanks for the input! Much appreciated!
DIDfan Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009
hot damn and bondage too
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm guessing that's a good thing!
ED3765 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Student Writer
awesome story dawho, I really like the ties you used on her and she is a very unused damsel of late. I look forward to a chapter of revenge.
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree, Bulma doesn't get any love, even though she's a main character in one of the most popular animes of all time! :(

And thanks! Dunno when I'll start it. Others things are coming first. Right now, it's pretty much last on my list! :)

Oh, and if you come up with, or see/find, any interesting position or poses to use in my stories, I would be very much grateful if you dropped some links down in my journal!

(Running outa new material here! And we've gotta keep the fans happy with original stuff don't we?)
ED3765 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2009  Student Writer
I hear you on that. in fact I got a new kind of position in my story that I will be posting in a day or two. keep a look out for it.
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll be looking forward to it!
JakTheRenegade Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Wow, great story. Interesting tie. Do you have any links to a pic of it?
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm afraid not, otherwise I would. Came up with this completely in my own head. :)
J-rouge Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Ausome story I really like Bulmas tie, an plans of one with Launch gets tied up by Bulma
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks very much!
We can only imagine what Bulma's going to do to the poor girl!
Balnazza Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009
nice story
i hope, you write a story about her revange :)
dawho555 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh you don't have to worry about that, I will! :)
Not for a while. Got some other things to work on, but I will get around to it.
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